Southern Vampires Mysteries/True Blood Exchange Update

Greetings, all. 
I would like to thank everyone who showed interest in the exchange. I believe there is enough interest to go ahead with the first of what will hopefully be many exchanges. Sign ups will begin on Monday 8th June and be open for two weeks, closing on 22nd June. Assignments will go out on the Wednesday 1st July and you will have two whole months to complete them, meaning they will be due on the 1st September. 

As this might be the first exchange for some of the participants, I will include a sample sign up so you can see how it is done. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me either by leaving a comment or directly by email @


21 thoughts on “Southern Vampires Mysteries/True Blood Exchange Update”

  1. Reblogged this on mp5KOVA FanFiction and commented:
    Wow, this sounds awesome!!!
    I’m ALL IN !!!!!
    A very creative way for us newbies to get the chance and be paired up with some of the authors, who inspired us to pick up our own pen and paper and give writing a chance.
    Imagine the knowledge you could gain from this experience 🙂

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